Boy, one of these days, I’m going to settle on a website design. Hopefully this one will stick. 😉

Welcome to the newly designed official Bobby Phillipps site! I’m still doing a little housekeeping and cleanup (you might notice the site looks a little funny on a phone; working on it), but this is it!

I’m writing for the next instrumental album, “Psychophilia,” and plan on blogging about the process here, as well as posting snippets of songs as they evolve. This site will be my studio diary. Expect more coming out of here!

The blog will also contain the odd coffee-fueled rant or rave, so don’t be surprised if you see a bit of thoughtful word-meandering and waxing-poetic.

I’m also about to launch my educational site, (I seriously can’t believe that domain name wasn’t taken) I’m on the home stretch with it, merely building up a good run-up of content so it’s not completely empty when I launch. If you’re at all interested in creating, recording, mixing, and releasing music in your own home studio, you’ll definitely want to check it out once it launches.


Feel free to poke around. Like I mentioned, I’m still doing some final tweaks, but man is it nice to finally have this site up and officially launched!

See you in the next blog!